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2018 ACTheals Audio

Audio via MP3 Download

$45.00 for 13 Talks
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Dr. David Levy - Emotional Trauma in the Workplace
Dr. H Norman - The Trauma of Loss
Dr. Marsha Neslon - An Exercise in Healing
Fr. Denis Phaneuf - Faith and Healing
Patti J. Smith - testimony The Healing Touch
Dr. Joe Johnson  - Healing Trauma Through Christ the Healer


2017 San Diego Divine Mercy Conference CDs
1.) Fr. Chris Alar MIC “How To Receive the Grace of Mercy Sunday”  
2.) Cardinal Soane Mafi   “Fear Not - Come to My  Mercy”
3.) Fr, Bill Quinlivan   “Mercy and Me”
4.) Fr. Chris Alar  MIC  “Blessed  Mary– Mother Of Mercy”  
5.) Cardinal Soane Mafi   “I Call You Friend – Come And See”
6.) Fr.Bill Quinlivan “Fr. M. Sopocko - a Priest After My Own Heart”       
7.) Homilies from Friday and Saturday Night Mass



 Just Competed - almost 1000 in attendance
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 Sharing the Treasures -  "The Truth Will Set You Free"
2014 Men's and Women's Retreat at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Entire Conference CDs $35 - Order via PayPal

Fr. Stan Fortuna - Relativism
Orlando Javien - A Man’s Journey
Fr. Robert Pipta - Fatherhood  
Fr. Anthony Saroki - The Secret of Happiness 
Fr. Stan Fortuna - God Loves Our Freedom
Sharon Lee Giganti - Relativism




Divine Mercy 2014 - Audio Available - click here

All for God
2013 Steubenville San Diego

16 Videos (MP4) can be viewed on Gloria.tv

 All 16 Videos - MP4 on 2 Discs - $48.95

All 16 Audio - MP3 on 1 Discs - $28.95 


This is a VERY SPECIAL Thank You and makes our efforts worth it all.
On March 22, 2013 we supported a fund raiser called
Dinner with the Pros 
All for God -  Blessed Sacrament Catholic School  - Mary’s Mercy Center

Steubenville San Diego 2012
listen now to Bishop Flores Homily "Dare to be Different" (17 minutes)
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2012 Divine Mercy Conference CDs Available Now

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Divorce Prevention 101: Finding Love that Lasts
DVD or CD WORKSHOP PROGRAM  at St.Therese of Carmel - on January 21, 2012
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2011 Mother of Life Conference
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2011 Steubenville San Diego Youth Conference
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Free audio streaming - Order of St. Luke - 12 Talks  -
Healing Under the Son - 2011 Conference < click here


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2011 San Diego Divine Mercy Conference CDs
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The Mother of Life 2010 Video and Audio Recordings

MP3 and CDs from the 2010 Steubenville San Diego Retreat 

An online Video Broadcast of Holy Spirit Ministry Bible Study with Fr. Jerry Bevilacqua.  Current study topic is  "Understanding the Kingdom of God Through The Psalms" . Monday Evenings at 7:30 PM Pacific  (10:30 Eastern, 9:30 Central)   Click here to enter broadcast and for archived MP3 recordings

The Divine Mercy - 2010 San Diego Recordings

Free Catholic Bible Study  click here

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2009 Steubenville San Diego Talks 

2010 Steubenville San Diego Talks
CDs and NOW MP3 Downloads

In San Diego on August 14th, 2010
a Pro Life Conference with Well Know Speakers

  View a 13 Minute Video Overview
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 Inspirational CDs for as low as $1.20  
Inspirational CDs for as low as $1.80 


Live Video Broadcast Monday's
at 7:00 P.M.  Pacific Time


Col. Lou Silva, Ret. USMC
"There Are No Atheists in Fox Holes"

Divine Mercy Conferences in San Diego
Divine Mercy Conference in San Diego

Becoming a Strong Woman of God
September 12, 2009 - St. Mark's Parish

Divine Mercy Conferences in San Diego
Free - Online Video 
A Divine Mercy Role Play 

Leslie Fischer -
"Embracing Chirst in All Circumstances"


2009 Mass in Honor of St. Pio of Pietrelcina
2009 Mass in Honor of St. Pio of Pietrelcina

Divine Mercy Conferences in San Diego
Divine Mercy Conference in San Diego


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